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Legendary Eleven Review (Switch eShop)

Legendary Eleven Review - Screenshot 4 of 4 There’s also a long pass, which doubles up for shooting, which isn’t ideal – hold it down to wazz it at speed – a short pass and a through pass. The shoulder buttons handle the sprinting and trick shots, the latter being charged up with successful passes and tricks. It would have been nice to see more tricks, and while the powerful shots are impressive, being on the wrong end of one is demoralising as there doesn’t seem to be a defensive act to balance them. Taking a corners or free kick brings up a decreasing circle – let go of the button at the right time to hit the sweet spot and see the ball fly in a gorgeous arc. The same goes for penalties, but let go of the button too early and the ball will scuff the crossbar or swing off-target wildly. Once the controls are nailed down – and they really are simple – you can jump into a friendly game between any of the teams from around the world or pick one of the five championships – Africa cup, Asia cup, America cup, Europe cup and, of course, World cup. It’s all pretty standard fare from there, with group matches followed by the knock-out stage of the tournament. Where Legendary Eleven does separate itself from the pack is in its use of stickers that boost the stats of your teams. These are selected before the match begins and are broken down into four categories, of which you choose one in each. Special stickers will give more accuracy on free kicks or allow for a more relaxed half-time, while defence stickers boost differing stats on your defensive line. Midfield stickers are similar, but also allow for longer slide tackles, while attacking stickers will fine-tune your shots on goal.

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